330 Aida PMX 84″x40″


330 Aida Press
Model: PMX-L2-300-3000
Year: 1996

Capacity: 330 Tons
Bed Area: 84.65” x 39.37”
Stroke: 7.9”
Die Height: 21.65”
Adjustment: 3.94”
SPM: 40-100

Equipped With:
Wet clutch & brake, interlocked
Adjustable hydraulic overload protection
8-point bronze precision slide guiding system
Wide-spaced connections
Minimal bed deflection
Monitored lubrication flow
Micro-inch speed for easy die setting
Flywheel brake
Link motion with dynamic slide balancer
T-slots in bolster and slide to JIC standards
Die Protection
Light Curtains – Front and Rear
Presscam 8 Press Control
36” x .125” CWP Feed Line

Link to Video of Press