48″ International Controls Servo Feed Line


48” x .250″  Wide cradle decoiler & combination feeder straightener
30,000 lb coil weight capacity
5/16” x 26” 120 ksi. And 3/8” x 26” 80 ksi. Material capacity
Brushless servo drives (1 on head & 1 on cradle)
Seven roll straightener ~ 6” dia. Rolls, hyd. powered with jack-screws & dial indicator readouts
Four roll pinch operation ~ 8” dia. Rolls with low backlash gearing
Two 8” dia. Cradle rolls
6” range pass line height adjustment
Oscillation control allows for lateral machine adjusting, with pointers and scales
Coil hold down arm stops the coil from unravelling
Coil ready stand with manual positioned sidewalls
hyd. powered self centering cradle walls c/w/rollers installed in sidewalls for easy of coil rotation
hyd. power unit – Vickers pump – 460 volts 3ph, with adjustable pressure range
Trabon auto. lub. system
Free standing control panel
Remote control pendant
Microprocessor control with bright alpha-numeric display