Burr Oak Hair 5/16 Pin Bender



Burr Oak Hair Pin Bender
Model: VBHB M8


Minimum Bend Length: 9 Maximum Bend Length: 96
Right Hand Coil Load
Machine Type: Standard 6 Tube Design Ball Screw Strip
————————– Special Options —————————
Stripper Tube Protector Traveling Rod Support 1 Pcs
Tube Pickoff Tube End Expand
Cross Axis Tube Sizer Tube Collectors
(12) Permanent Aluminum Reels No Guards (Except Cfcl Cage Guard)
Electric Counter – Key Reset
————————– Special Features ————————–
Base Plate
Coil Stand: 6 Post Right Hand (56″ Centers) With Air Brakes
Hydraulic Components: Vickers Cylinders: Hydroline
Electric Components: Allen Bradley *Note Below*
Power Voltage: 480 Phase: 3 Cycles: 60
Control Voltage: 110 Phase: 1 Cycles: 60
Paint Colors: Basic Machine: Sherman Williams “Mc-7” Red Henna
Electric Controls: Safety Orange Guards: Sw. “Mc-7″ Red Henna
————————— Tooling Specs —————————-
0.375 Od X 0.016 Wall X 1.000 Bend Center X 6 Tubes/Cycle
0.500 Od X .017 Wall X 5/Cycle (Cross Axis And End Sizer Tooling Only)
Material: Copper Steel Sizing And Straightening Rolls
———————— Spare Tooling Parts ————————-
See P.O. For List Of Spare Parts
—————————- Miscellaneous —————————
Added 0.500 Od X .017 Wall X 1.250 B.C. Tooling And
0.375 Od X 1.250 Center Change Tooling
Added Fiber Optic Feed Backup, Hi-Low Feed Sequence And
Out Of Tube Detector
Converted To Hydraulic Ball Screw Supports
Added 48” Adjustable Boom Assembly W/Tooling
It Appears That This Machine Might Be Using The 5/16 X 1.000 Bend Center
Added Pressure Reducer To Pin Cylinder
Heavy Duty Feeder Shaft Conversion Added
Quick Change Boom Conversion Added
Move Tube Pickoff To Straightener, Quick Locking Arms, Numatics Air
Feed Conversion, Powered Height Adjustment Added
Added Boom Stabilizer Addition
Added End Of Feed Switch Assy, 6/Cyc, Flgd
Added Individual Upper Feed Belt Conversion
Added Ohsu 3×3, .312 W/O Shortouts
Added Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Added Casappa Motor Conversion
Plc With Ab Panel View To This Machine