Burr Oak Hairpin Bender



Burr Oak Hair Pin Bender
Model: VBHB M8


Minimum Bend Length: 9 Maximum Bend Length: 96
Right Hand Coil Load
Machine Type: Standard 6 Tube Design Ball Screw Strip
Rebuilt From M7-57
————————– Special Options —————————
Stripper Tube Protector Traveling Rod Support 1 Pcs
Tube Pickoff Tube Collectors
*No Guards (See Below) Electric Counter – Key Reset
Round Oiler Ball Screw Support
Feed Sequence Modification
————————– Special Features ————————–
Base Plate
Coil Stand: 6 Post Right Hand With Air Brakes
Hydraulic Components: Vickers Cylinders: Hydroline
Electric Components: Allen Bradley
Power Voltage: 460 Phase: 3 Cycles: 60
Control Voltage: 110 Phase: 1 Cycles: 60
Paint Colors: Basic Machine: Vista Green
Electric Controls: Safety Orange Guards: Safety Yellow
————————— Tooling Specs —————————-
0.312 Od X 0.012 Wall X 1.000 Bend Center X 6 Tubes/Cycle
0.375 Od X 0.012 Wall X 1.000 Bend Center X 6 Tubes/Cycle
Material: Copper Steel Sizing And Straightening Rolls
———————— Spare Tooling Parts ————————-
No Spare Parts Ordered
—————————- Miscellaneous —————————
Added 14″ Adjustable Boom
Added 48″ Adjustable Boom (3/8″ Tooling)
*Added Dolan Jenner 7-28 Light Curtains
Purchased Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Added Flanged End Of Feed Switch Assembly With Phoenix Plug
Added 6 Position In-Line Rh Over-Head Spiral Uncoiler
Spaced For 48″ Wide Coils