Nordson Colormax FC Powder Paint Booth System



Nordson Colormax FC Powder Paint Booth System
Encore LT Manual Gun Rail Mount System
2 – Encore Rail Mount System
2 – 150mm Lance Extension
Sturdy Operator Platform, 3′-0″ wide x 3′-0″ long is constructed of welded, heavy-gauge steel with
safety rails.
2 – Operator Platforms
Smart Coat Control System
* Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 15″ with Pedestal
* Fifteen dual iFlow closed-loop mass flowmeters (accuracy +/- <1%)
* Fifteen dual gun driver cards
* Ethernet gateway to Allen Bradley ControlLogix located in main electrical panel
* Multi-level password protection
* Print functionality
* Gun fault diagnostics
* Gun mover diagnostics
* Motor overload and VFD diagnostics
* Gun status screens
* Automatic Feedback Current control for operating parameter control
* Line speed indication
* Gun maintenance timers
* Accommodates up to 255 presets for gun control parameters
* Four patented advanced coating modes – Standard, Recoat, Deep Recess, Special (dry
blend metallics and micas) and User Programmable.
* Percent adjust function for global adjustment to all preset airflow settings.
* Easy inspection and access to all gun related electronics and pneumatics

Encore Automatic Guns
* 100 kV gun for highest transfer efficiency
* Air purge cleanable design without manual disassembly
* Wide nozzle selection. Optional ion collector available
30 – Encore Guns, Mounts, Cables
Oscillator and Gun Positioning Equipment
* Oscillator with a maximum stroke length of 18 inches.
* Cam and eccentric design for long life and smooth operation
* Gun Positioning for constant gun-to-part distance control
2 – Vertical Oscillator(s)
2 – VFD Powerflex with Ethernet for Oscillators
2 – 39″ Kevlar Belt Driven In/Out Positioner Base, DC drive

Apogee II Canopy
* High performance non-conductive material.
* Smooth interior surface with minimal seams.
* Ceiling panels include translucent light panels.
Apogee Canopy features:
* Four (4) automatic gun slots,
* Two (2) manual spray gun openings, 30″ wide x 78″ high with upper and lower door
* Part entrance door to facilitate color change with conveyor interlock
* Four (4) Four Tube Fluorescent Fixture(s) T5 Lamps
* Segmented Floor Blowoff for compressed air savings and high performance floor
* Inspection cleanout door for cyclone inlet
ColorMax Base Assembly
5′-9″ wide x 19′-6″long (1.75M x 6M) including:
* Modular design base
* Colormax powered roller base with 4 wheel drive system
* High load lateral roller carriages to prevent crabbing
* Separate drive “cells” to prevent misalignment due to torsional twisting of drive
* Roller base utility deck system has a series of channels with routinely spaced passthrough openings for service access of powder hoses, pneumatics and electrical
* Roller base assembly will be pre-fitted with all gun movers, feed centers, operator
painting platforms, cyclones and after filter, complete with all utilities and
appropriate cross-over points prior to shipping.
* Roller base sections will be coupled together with a series of coupling pins.
* Operator pendant for mover control
* Booth positioning and Alignment Stop Accurate to +/- 1/16″ at the pin point.
* Programmable segmented floor blow off
* Booth Base Hose and Cable Trays with cam clasp lids for easy access
* Engineered hose routing and hose/cable identification system
16,000 cfm After-Filter Assembly featuring:
* 75 HP direct drive motor, 95.3% efficient with loss of phase protection
* Duct inlet elbow with support stand
* Nine (9) final filters 95% efficient at .30 microns
* Clean air section with “pulse on demand” cartridge filter blow-down
* Primary filter section with twenty-one (21) cartridge filters
* Two (2) fluidizing plenums
* One (1) transfer pump each plenum
* One (1) drum lid for collection of fines
* Silo bin fluidizers
16,000 CFM Cyclone with Prodigy™ HDLV™ High Capacity Pump
2 – High Capacity HDLV Pump
1 – Push button color change panel
1 – Backup HDLV Pump
1 – Close Coupled 16,000 cfm Twin-Cyclone
95% cyclone efficiency with standard grind powders

Ductwork and Slide Gate
1 – Air Operated 28″ Diameter Slide Gate complete with four way valve with
120/60 solenoids with NEMA 12 junction box.
Square to round duct transitions.
1 – 28″ Diameter Ductwork, 18 gage galvanized pipe with required quantities of
elbows, straight pipe and nipples.
Powder Feed Center and Supply Equipment for 36 Guns
1 – Powder Feed Center, Including 3000 cfm fan section with 5 hp exhauster
motor, cartridge filter section, final filter section, vibratory table and
fluidized bed with transfer pump. Controlled from central system PLC.
1 – 15″ Vibratory Sieve with Vibrasonic deblinding system featuring;
* Sieves both virgin and reclaim material
* Vibrasonic deblinding system
* 100 Mesh stainless steel screen.
* 1/3hp 230-460/3/60 vibratory motor with adjustable weights
* Stainless steel sieve deck and under-pan assembly
* (4) Quick release clamps
* Nylon coated aluminum base
4 – Pickup Tube Lance Assembly
4 – Purge Assembly Manifold with latching assembly for enhanced seal during the
purge cycle
1 – Feed Center Panel
2 – High Capacity HDLV Pump (Virgin Feed)
1 – Level Control for Box Feed
1 – Level Control for Virgin Replenishment
1 – Main Header with Filter
10 – PFC Fluidizing Hopper for Feed Center, 18″ x 33″
32 – Inline, Encore Pump
3200- Antistatic Powder Feed Tubing, (0.43″) 2 sets of powder feed hose
with ends of hoses labeled on both ends.
Bulk Unloader for HDLV
1 – Drum Dolly’s

Standard Electrical Control Panel Featuring:
* Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC
* Control Logix I/O chasis with required I/O
* Industrial grade managed switch
* 20% spare panel space
* Nema motor controls
* Series 800T pushbuttons

Fire Detection System Control Panel
2 – Flame Detector, FS10R-30
1 – Flame Detection Indicator Panel
Fire Suppression/Deflagration System
1 – Deflagration Suppression System
1 – Installation Checkout and Startup (by Fenwal Engineer)
Part Identification System (Common to booth 5A&5B)
1 – Parasitic “CAT” Drive
1 – Part Identification Stand(s)
2 – 42″ Vertical Emitter Scanner, 3/4″ Resolution
2 – 42″ Vertical Receiver Scanner, 3/4″ Resolution
2 – 18″ Horizontal Emitter Scanner, 3/4″ Resolution
2 – 18″ Horizontal Receiver Scanner, 3/4″ Resolution
1 – Incoming part crash avoidance interlock
1 – Bent Hanger part out of position detection system